WA Health staff portal

WA Health staff can access and login to Outlook Web Access (Webmail)


If you're not connected to the WA Health network and need to access Outlook Web Access (Webmail), you will be required to provide more than one form of identification also known as Multi-factor Authentication (MFA).

MFA is a two-step verification process to reduce the risk of malicious hackers from retrieving sensitive information from staff accessing webmail when outside of the WA Health network.

About MFA

MFA is more secure than just a password because it depends on two forms of authentication: something you know (e.g. your password) and something you have with you (e.g. phone or device). This two-step verification helps to stop malicious hackers from pretending to be you, because even if they have your password, odds are that they don't have your phone or device, too.

Remember: Always log in using your HE number (e.g. hexxxxx@health.wa.gov.au).

Self Service Password Reset 

Self service password reset (external site) is available for all staff to perform self service password management, however you will need to register via the Azure Portal.

If you are unfamiliar with using the above features, view and download the Quick Reference Guides on this page.

Note: If you receive a suspicious looking email, do not open it. We would be happy to advise you if it's safe. Simply forward your email on to the security team at scam@health.wa.gov.au

Last reviewed: 12-12-2018
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