Aboriginal health impact statement and declaration

The Aboriginal Health Impact Statement and Declaration (ISD) aims to ensure that the needs, interests and circumstances of Aboriginal clients and employees are incorporated into the development of new and revised health services’ policies, strategies, program practices and procedures.

An Aboriginal Health Impact Statement and Declaration is an requirement of WA Health System Wide Policy Governance Policy, Mandatory Policy MP 0046/17 (external site).

When developing new statewide policies, programs, strategies and practices for WA Health. This includes all service guidelines, procedures and protocols.

A completed Statement and Declaration will demonstrate that Aboriginal people have been consulted and negotiated with and that the health impacts on Aboriginal people have been considered and appropriately incorporated into relevant health initiatives.

The ISD is the third component of the WA Health Aboriginal Cultural Learning Package (ACLP), a suite of online cultural learning tools, training and resources which have been developed for all WA Health staff

How to enrol and login to complete an ISD:

WA Health staff can access the ISD online training and template via the Department of Health’s Learning Management System (external site). The online training takes about 30 minutes to complete.


For further information on how to complete and ISD, please refer to the Aboriginal Health Impact Statement and Declaration for Department of Health and Health Service Provider Guidelines (PDF 1MB)

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