Reporting requirements for local government

The Department of Health requests local government to submit an annual report from the 1 July each year.

Reporting requirements under the Public Health Act

Section 22 of the Public Health Act 2016 (external site) requires local governments to:

  • Provide a report on their performance of functions under the Act and
  • Forward details within the specified time of any proceedings for an offence they have either instituted or finalised under the Act.

Reporting is required annually to coincide with financial year reporting under the Financial Management Act 2006 (external site) and is combined with the reporting requirements under the Food Act 2008. Local Governments should already be familiar with the Food Act 2008 reporting process.

The Public Health Act 2016 questions that will be asked include:

  1. What is the number of full time equivalent (FTE) Public Health Act 2016 authorised officers working in your LGA? 
  2. What is the number of full time equivalent (FTE) persons that assist authorised officers with their duties in your LGA? 
  3. Has your LGA experienced difficulties recruiting appropriately qualified persons to be designated as authorised officers under the Public Health Act 2016 during the reporting period (Yes/No) 
  4. Has your LGA had any authorised officers return their certificate of authority (i.e. cease to be authorised officers) during the reporting period? a. If yes, how many?

Mandatory reporting must be completed by each Local Government and submitted to WA Health before 31st August each year.

WA Health will be following up Local Governments who do not complete their reports on time.

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2018-2019 financial year reporting results

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Previous financial years reporting results

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