Smoke-free WA signage

Smoke free signage is imperative to communicating the Department of Health’s smoke-free policy as well as maintaining the message.

Two key messages were developed for both the Western Australian Country Health Services and Metropolitan Health Services.

Signage featuring these messages will ensure consistency and credibility across West Australian health facilities.

Steps to produce smoke free signage

Step 1

Select which of these messages applies to your health service.

Sign displaying a no smoking logo symbol featuring a line through a burning cigarette and text “Strictly no smoking past this point"Sign displaying a no smoking symbol with a line through a burning cigarette and text “No smoking anywhere on grounds"

Step 2

Contact your local sign maker and request a quote to produce signs and provide the specifications for materials and size for example, metal, or vinyl adhesive finish.

Step 3

The sign maker will provide you with a quote based on production only.

Download the PDFs for artwork production. Both signs can be produced with either WACHS or metropolitan Department of Health (DOH) logos.

Types of signs

Strictly no smoking past this point

No smoking anywhere on grounds

Step 4

WA health employees can contact their communications team if the sign maker requires the artwork in an alternative format.

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