27 January 2017

Telehealth now available at Lancelin

Locals can now attend their outpatient appointments from Lancelin, using new telehealth services at the Lancelin Health Centre.

Introduction of the State Telehealth Service (STS) means local people can now go to the local centre for certain types of outpatient appointment, rather than travel to Perth to meet their specialist.

Telehealth appointments are conducted via videoconference, with the support of Silver Chain staff.

Users say telehealth appointments are just as effective as face to face appointments, and save time and money.

The service is available every weekday, by appointment, and adds to the existing Emergency Telehealth Service (ETS) that the centre has had for the past few years, which gives locals access to emergency medicine specialists in emergency situations.

To find out if you can have an appointment via Telehealth, ask your specialist or clinic.

For general inquiries about local telehealth services, call Irene Oram at Wheatbelt Health Service on 9690 1632.