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Your input into the Sustainable Health Review (SHR) matters – the Panel wants to ensure all Western Australians, including our patients, community, workforce and partners, can contribute to the SHR and help shape the future of our health system.

Feedback Survey

Between February and May 2018, the Sustainable Health Review Panel invited organisations and members of the community to provide feedback on the Interim Report and input into other areas the Panel may have missed in the first phase of consultation.

The Sustainable Health Review Interim Report Feedback Survey has now closed. The SHR Panel are extremely grateful for the responses and contributions received.

The results of this feedback survey will be reported to the SHR Panel, who will use the feedback to test their preliminary directions and develop their Final Report and Recommendations due to Government in November 2018.

Summaries from the public forums conducted in 2017 are available here. The Panel also received over 300 public submissions from individuals and organisations during the first round of consultation between August and October 2017. These submissions have now been published.

Q&A Sessions

In March 2018, four Q&A Sessions with the Panel took place with a strong attendance from interested stakeholders.

A Q&A Webinar with General Practice with Ms Robyn Kruk AM and WA Primary Health Alliance’s CEO Learne Durrington was held in May with GPs across WA to discuss the Interim Report’s findings and relevant areas for further work.

Watch the Q&A Webinar with General Practice recording (external site).

A summary report of the Q&A Sessions are available in News and Resources.

SHR Staff Feedback Survey

Staff working in the WA health system were invited to provide feedback on the Interim Report via the SHR Staff Feedback Survey. The survey was open for six weeks until 26 April 2018. Completing the survey was completely anonymous and voluntary.

The results of the survey will be provided to the SHR Panel and all staff across the WA health system.