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Reference groups

Two Reference Groups have been established to provide expert advice and experience to the Sustainable Health Review (SHR) Panel - the Consumer and Carer Reference Group and the Clinical Reference Group. Reference Groups will ensure that health consumers, carers and clinicians are represented and actively engaged when shaping the future directions of the WA health system.

Consumer and Carer Reference Group

The Consumer and Carer Reference Group is Chaired by Pip Brennan and comprises members with diverse personal and professional experience of the health system as consumers, carers and advocates.

Ms Pip Brennan (Chair)
Mr Tony Addiscott
Ms Vicki Barry
Dr Richard Brightwell
Mr Nigel D'Cruz
Ms Jaime Farrant
Mr Paresh Gandhi
Ms Tania Harris
Ms Rebecca Johnson
Ms Manjit Kaur
Ms Lorrae Loud
Ms Amanda Lovitt
Ms Margie Lundy
Ms Rhonda Parker
Ms Angela Ryder
Ms Rebecca Tomkinson

Sustainable Health Review Terms of Reference Consumer and Carer Reference Group (PDF 67KB)

Consumer and Carer Communique December 2017 (PDF 195KB)

Clinical Reference Group

The Clinical Reference Group is Chaired by Dr Hannah Seymour and  comprises clinicians with experience across the areas of primary, secondary and tertiary care, community care, public health and mental health and across a variety of specialties and settings, including metropolitan, regional, rural and remote WA.

Dr Hannah Seymour (Chair) 
Dr Alan Altham
Dr Matthew Anstey
Dr Lesley Bennett
Ms Sharon Bushby
Dr Martin Chapman
Dr Michael Civil
Mr Mark Cockayne
Ms Sue-Anne Davidson
Mr Jason Ellis
Mr Clinton Fonceca
Dr Sallie Forrest
Ms Lesley Forrester
Ms Nicole Harwood
Dr Simon Hazeldine
Dr Rupert Hodder
Dr Paul McGurgan
Ms Emma Jarvis
Dr Linda Irvine
Dr Claire Langdon
Dr Peter Maguire
Ms Zoe Mullen
Dr Victoria Pascu
Ms Donna Rogers
Ms Linda Sinclair
Dr Amanda Stafford
Dr Stephen Stick
Dr Faraz Syed
Ms Monica Taylor
Dr Simon Towler
Dr Fiona Wood
Dr Marianne Wood
Dr Justin Yeung 
Dr Jilen Patel
Dr Patty Edge

Sustainable Health Review Terms of Reference Clinical Reference Group (PDF 67KB)

Clinical Reference Group Communique December 2017 (PDF 105KB)

Please note that membership is subject to change.

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