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1. Managing resources effectively and efficiently

This Award recognises projects that have strategies which optimise WA Health’s resources. This might be through one or more of the following:

  • in line with ABF/ABM principles, by ensuring that funding is transparently linked to health services and outcomes 
  • by forming strategic partnerships
  • by applying sound financial management, governance and procurement processes
  • by recruiting, managing and developing a skilled and motivated workforce.

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Australian Institute of Management Western Australia

Sponsor – Managing resources effectively and efficiently

2. Engaging with consumers, carers and the community

​This Award recognises projects that listen to – and engage with – the community to inform the planning and provision of relevant, accessible health care services and/or education.


Curtin University 

Sponsor – Managing resources effectively and efficiently

3. Achieving better health outcomes for Aboriginal people

​This Award recognises projects that provide equitable and respectful health services to Aboriginal people by:
  • strengthening and integrating efforts to improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people
  • engaging with Aboriginal consumers, carers and community members to better understand how to deliver culturally appropriate health services and/or education
  • creating strategic partnerships that enable better health outcomes for Aboriginal people.

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sponsor – Achieving better health outcomes for Aboriginal people

4. Developing sustainable solutions for out-of-hospital healthcare

​This Award recognises projects that reduce pressure on emergency departments and in-hospital services by:

  • increasing non-hospital ambulatory care services
  • reducing patient re-admission to hospital by providing improved coordination of care.

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Silver Chain

Sponsor – Developing sustainable solutions for out-of-hospital healthcare

5. Overcoming inequities

​This Award recognises projects that work to overcome inequities in access to healthcare due to distance, socioeconomic status, disability or other constraints by:

  • identifying difficulties that some people face in accessing health care
  • consulting marginalised groups and individuals
  • developing solutions.
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WA Primary Health Alliance

Sponsor – Overcoming inequities

6. Improving safety and quality

​This Award recognises projects that:
  • improve care, manage resources and deliver quality services
  • effectively manage clinical risk and improving clinical quality.

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Sponsor – Innovative solutions for improving safety and quality

7. Promotion of preventative health

​This Award recognises 

  • projects that strive to build health literacy and self-management skills by:
    • providing education and resources that help consumers understand chronic diseases 
    • supporting healthier habits and lifestyles.


  • projects that prevent injury and illness in the community.


Edith Cowan University

Sponsor – Promotion of preventative health

8. Excellence in policy development

This Award recognises best practice in policy development that supports WA Health's strategic priorities.

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The University of Western Australia

Sponsor – Excellence in policy development

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