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Entry advice

Following these tips will ensure a strong nomination from your team. 
  • Use plain English – think of your reading audience. Each judge will be reading through many submissions. 
  • Always make sure your evaluation is matched to your KPIs/objectives.
  • Avoid industry jargon in your entry – judges are chosen to review nominations where they are least likely to have a conflict. This means they will not necessarily be familiar with your area of work. 
  • Answer in a way that suits a general audience. 
  • Appoint a person to take ownership of the nomination - ensure this person is able to work to a timeline. 
  • Make a timeline so you are able to respond before the entry deadline. 
  • The score allocation on each of the questions indicate where you should put in the effort. 
  • Look at using bullet points instead of very long sentences. 
  • The strongest award submissions always use the most relevant details first - get to the point. 
  • Proofread your entry before submitting – get someone you trust to read your nomination and make suggestions.  
  • Make sure that you own the rights to the project you are submitting. If the base work belongs to someone else, you need to acknowledge this but you can describe how your enhancements have made the project better.