List of abbreviations

Acronym Definition
ACCHS Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service
AGPS Australian Government Publishing Service
AHW Aboriginal Health Worker
AIDS acquired immune deficiency syndrome
ALT alanine transaminase
ANCA Australian National Council on AIDS

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

BBV blood-borne virus
CARPA Central Australian Rural Practitioners’ Association
CD4+ T LYMPHOCYTE special type of lymphocyte
CDCD Communicable Disease Control Directorate
CIN cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia
CMW cytomegalovirus
CO2 carbon dioxide
CRF circulating recombinant form
CSF cerebrospinal fluid
DNA deoxyribonucleic acid
DOT directly observed therapy
ECS endocervical swab
EIA enzyme immunoassay
ESR erythrocyte sedimentation rate
FVU first void urine
FTA-ABS fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption test
GNID Gram-negative intracellular diplococci
GUD genital ulcer disease
HAND HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder
HAV hepatitis A virus
HBIG hepatitis B immunoglobin
HBV hepatitis B virus
HCV hepatitis C virus
HIV human immunodeficiency virus
HPF high-powered field
HPV human papillomavirus
HRT hormone replacement therapy
HSV herpes simplex virus
IDU injecting drug user
IGG immunoglobulin G
IGM immunoglobulin M
IMI intramuscular injection
IU international unit
IUD intra-uterine device
LCR ligase chain reaction
LGV lymphogranuloma venereum
LGV-CFT lymphogranuloma venereum complement fixation test
MACBBVS Ministerial Advisory Committee on Blood Borne Viruses and Sexually Transmissible Infections
MC&S microscopy, culture and sensitivity testing
MSM men who have sex with men
N2O nitrous oxide
NAAT nucleic acid amplification test
NGU non-gonococcal urethritis
NHIG normal human immunoglobulin
NHMRC National Health and Medical Research Council
NPEP non-occupational post-exposure prophylaxis
NSU non-specific urethritis
PAP SMEAR Papanicolaou smear
PBS Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
PCR polymerase chain reaction
PEP post-exposure prophylaxis
PHU population/public health unit
PID pelvic inflammatory disease
RNA ribonucleic acid
RPR rapid plasma reagin test
SARC Sexual Assault Resource Centre
SOLVS self-obtained low vaginal swab
SOPV sex-on-premises venue
STD sexually transmitted disease
STI sexually transmitted infection
TPHA Treponema pallidum haemagglutination test
TPPA Treponema pallidum particle agglutination test
UTI urinary tract infection
VDRL Venereal Disease Research Laboratory test
WA Western Australia
WA HEALTH Western Australian Department of Health
WANIDD Western Australian Notifiable Infectious Diseases Database
WBC white blood cells
WHO World Health Organization