16 November 2017

Water fluoridation information session

An informal information session with public health experts will be held in Kununurra in late November.

The information session will be held on Thursday, 30 November 2017 at the Kununurra Leisure Centre, 115 Coolibah Drive, Kununurra. It will run from 5.00pm – 7.00pm.

The informal session will allow Kununurra residents to speak directly with public health experts from the Department of Health and have their questions answered first-hand – based on credible, scientific evidence.

Ninety-two per cent of Western Australians currently receive fluoridated drinking water, with Perth and most other regional centres, including Broome, Derby, Roebourne and Karratha, receiving fluoridated drinking water for more than 30 years.

Community water fluoridation is an important, cost-effective public health measure which plays a critical role in reducing dental decay and improving oral health. The benefits and safety of fluoridation of public drinking water supplies are supported by overwhelming scientific evidence.

Fluoridated drinking water particularly benefits children and those on a lower income as it is delivered directly into their home at no incremental cost. It contributes to a suite of oral health initiatives that include healthy diet, good oral hygiene, appropriate use of fluoridated toothpaste and regular dental check-ups, and will complement the existing public dental health services already available.

Fluoridation of water is backed by authoritative health research agencies and government bodies in Australia and worldwide, including the World Health Organization and the National Health and Medical Research Council in Australia (NMHRC).

In the case of Kununurra, fluoridation simply involves adjusting the fluoride level in the water supply from around 0.4 milligrams per litre, the long term historic level, to an optimal level of around 0.6 milligrams per litre. This aligns Kununurra with other communities in the region, such as Hedland, Karratha, Roebourne, Broome and Derby, as well as Halls Creek, whose ground water supply contains, and has for many decades, fluoride at around 0.6 milligrams per litre.

Water fluoridation significantly improves oral health outcomes in communities, and provides life-long reduction in incidence of dental caries and reduction in future demand for dental surgical facilities.

For more information on community water fluoridation visit www.healthywa.wa.gov.au and search “fluoride in drinking water” or telephone (08) 9388 4999.

Event details:

Water fluoridation community information session
Thursday, 30 November 2017

Kununurra Leisure Centre,

115 Coolibah Drive, Kununurra WA 6743
5.00pm – 7.00pm
No RSVP is necessary.


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