31 July 2018

Remediation work for Rockingham General Hospital

Work will soon begin to remediate a section of cladding at Rockingham General Hospital (RGH), after Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs) were found to not satisfactorily meet the requirements of the Building Code of Australia.

The issue was identified following a Department of Health assessment of ACP façade cladding, which was undertaken following the commencement of the Western Australian Building Commission’s Statewide cladding audit.

Similar assessments are being conducted by other agencies on publicly owned buildings, both nationally and overseas, following concerns about the potential fire risks associated with the use of some ACP cladding products.

Department of Health Deputy Director General Rebecca Brown said a specialist fire engineer had assessed the RGH buildings and recommended the ACP cladding on two blocks (C and D) be replaced with a compliant alternative to mitigate any potential fire management concerns in the event the outer casing is damaged.

The Department is working with Building Management and Works on a plan to replace the affected areas.

“The safety of our patients and staff is our number one priority and they can be assured that all necessary steps have been taken to ensure their ongoing safety,” Ms Brown said.

“A number of interim mitigation strategies have been implemented, including re-sealing any exposed or damaged cladding, using a non-combustible material, and installing fencing around the building’s external perimeter to limit access to the outer wall.

“All clinical services at Rockingham General Hospital, including elective surgery, are continuing as normal.”

The Department of Health will undertake assessments across a further 11 hospitals, that have met the criteria of potentially having ACP façade cladding. These assessments are due to be completed by mid-September 2018. 

Any hospital identified as having non-compliant cladding materials will then by subject to a Preliminary Fire Risk Assessment and appropriate fire preparedness measures will be adopted in the interim.

The extent of the required remediation works, such as scope, cost and remediation timeframe will be undertaken on a progressive basis, with the final facility report completed for early next year.


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