21 January 2019

Get the Facts about sexual health

A new series of youth videos use sketch comedy to inform and educate young people about important topics such as sexting and pornography.

The Department of Health’s Get the Facts videos are aimed at young people aged 13 to 17 years and explore the topics of sexting, pornography, and sex and the media.

The videos are humorous and light-hearted and feature young people in comedic sketches, followed by short interviews where they share their own opinions and experiences.

Lisa Bastian, Program Manager of the Sexual Health and Blood-borne Virus Program at the Department of Health says the three new videos focus on teens’ expectations of themselves and relationships.

“Teenagers are exposed more than ever to sexting, porn, and unrealistic representations of people in the media, through social media and smart phones.”

“Videos such as these are a step toward normalising conversations about sex and puberty between young people and their parents. Children who can speak to each other and their parents about sex and puberty are more likely to become sexually active later, and are less likely to experience unplanned pregnancy or get an STI. The videos also aim to help young people manage expectations and deal with the changes of puberty.”

Get the Facts is a contemporary, youth-oriented, government website where young people can find accurate information about STIs, sex, puberty and relationships.

The new videos are a continuation of last year’s five Get the Facts videos about puberty, blood-borne viruses, sexual health and staying safe in relationships.

View the videos at Get the Facts.


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