10 October 2020

COVID-19 update - 10 October 2020: Patricia Oldendorff update

The Department of Health has declared the Patricia Oldendorff vessel outbreak to now be over.

Pilbara Ports Authority has advised that the vessel is likely to sail tomorrow morning.

The 12 crew who were quarantining in the Hedland Hotel were transferred to the vessel, anchored off Port Hedland, early this morning.

Eighteen of the 21 crew members have now recovered from the virus.

The three remaining crew who are not yet cleared were transferred to Perth via charter flight today. They are now in State-run quarantine hotel.

One of the three remains COVID-19 positive and is expected to be cleared in coming days. The others did not contract the virus and are serving a quarantine period as a precaution.

Once they clear their quarantine requirements in Perth, their ongoing journey will be managed by the shipping agent in agreement with each individual and their employer.

The deep-clean of the hotel has commenced and will be complete Sunday evening.

The hotel rooms will be cleaned to the same standard as the vessel – including thorough cleaning of all soft furnishings and curtains in accordance with Department of Health standards.

The Department of Health would like to reassure the community that the cleaning will be conducted to the very highest of standards and the hotel can return to its full business capacity post cleaning.

The Department of Health would like to thank the Port Hedland community for their hospitality and compassion during what we understand has been a very challenging and uncertain time.

We would also like to acknowledge all staff involved in the successful completion of this operation including the WA Medical Assistance Team members (including Department of Fire and Emergency staff); WA Country Health Service; WA Police; ; Pilbara Ports Authority; Seacorporation Pty Ltd; Town of Port Hedland; The Hedland Hotel; Australian Defence Force; Royal Flying Doctor Service; St John Ambulance; security staff; Odyssey Marine; the Aviator Group; Port Hedland Seafarers Centre, PrompCorp and the local Philippine community.

Thank you also to the Patricia Oldendorff crew who have responded to the Department’s quarantine requirements with professionalism, full compliance and gratitude.