04 August 2021

COVID-19 Update 4 August 2021: Precautionary approach to unusual case

WA Health is investigating a weak positive COVID-19 case, identified today outside of the normal reporting cycle.

The case, a man in his 30s, resides in Perth and works in a mine in the Pilbara region. He is currently in isolation. His close contacts are in isolation and are being tested – two have tested negative and tests for the others are underway.

This case is unusual in that the person was a confirmed case in March 2020 after returning from overseas.

The man was at the Perth Airport on Tuesday 20 July 2021 between 4.00am – 7.00am, when a case confirmed positive in Queensland transited through the Perth Airport and was subsequently returned to Queensland.

WA Health has upgraded its advice for those who visited Perth Airport Terminal 4 (Qantas domestic terminal) between 4am and 7am on the 20 July 2021 and has included additional exposure sites.

For all people who attended the below locations during the exposure periods to get tested immediately and isolate themselves until a negative result is received.

Get tested immediately, quarantine until a negative result is returned and monitor for symptoms – unless contacted individually by WA Health Department

Exposure date Exposure time Suburb Location
02/08/2021 1.00pm - 3.00pm Fremantle Pathwest waiting room
Fremantle Hospital
31/07/2021 6.30pm – 12.00am
Subiaco Subiaco Hotel
465 Hay Street
29/07/2021 7.30pm  1.00am Scarborough Indian Ocean Hotel (Indi Bar)
23-27 Hastings Street
5.00pm – 7.30pm
Fremantle Old Faithful Bar and BBQ
1 Pakenham Street
27/07/2021 4.30pm – 6.00pm Perth Airport T3/4 Perth Domestic Airport
Dunreath Drive 
20/07/2021 4.00am – 7.00am Perth Airport T3/4 Perth Domestic Airport
Dunreath Drive

A list of testing clinics is available on the HealthyWA website.

Given the unusual case history, WA Health is taking immediate precautions and will continue to monitor this issue.

Should additional positive results be returned, further public health advice will be issued.