04 May 2021

COVID-19 update 4 May 2021 – Collie

The Department of Health is reassuring the Collie community that a local man’s very weak positive COVID-19 test result is most likely evidence of an historic infection.

The man in his 30’s – who recently returned to Collie – had travelled back to Australia from Poland and quarantined in a Melbourne hotel for 14 days.

He tested negative to COVID-19 on all his tests while in hotel quarantine.

On his return to Collie, he was retested as part of Vic Health’s follow-up of people post-quarantine.

He returned a very weak positive result, which is sometimes seen in people with old, recovered infections.

WA Health believes the test result most likely reflects an historic infection but out of an abundance of caution has retested the man to clarify his infection status.

As a precaution, the man’s three closest contacts have been asked to isolate pending further test results, including antibody tests, which are expected back tomorrow.

We are asking the community not to panic and to be assured that WA Health will advise the community if results indicate this is an infectious case.

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