29 July 2021

COVID-19 update 29 July 2021 - MV Darya Krishna

Issued at 17:05hrs WST

WA Health is in the process of moving six COVID-19 negative people from the bulk carrier MV Darya Krishna to hotel quarantine.

The six people comprise five crew members and one passenger – have tested negative to-date for COVID. One is serology positive. They will now commence 14-days’ quarantine.

Eleven crew will remain onboard. Of the 11, six are the previously reported COVID-19 positive cases. The additional five crew – who hold necessary roles for safe manning of the vessel – have not tested positive for COVID-19 – however, four have positive serology. These five crew members will remain isolated and will wear PPE when undertaking their necessary roles onboard.

The final three crew, were transferred to hospital earlier in the week – where they remain.


Note: The Department of Health can confirm that the bus transferring the crew and passenger to hotel quarantine had mechanical issues. They were transferred to a replacement bus at the port.