06 February 2015

Health warning over smoke haze

The Department of Health is warning people to take extra care to avoid exposure to smoke caused by bushfires burning south of Perth.

Exposure to smoke from bushfires can be particularly harmful to the elderly, the very young and to people with respiratory or heart conditions.

People should take precautions to minimise exposure to the smoke haze and help reduce or prevent short-term health effects, including;

  • Switch off air conditioners that do not allow the fresh air intake to be turned off
  • Shut doors and windows
  • Stay inside if possible – particularly people with asthma and other respiratory conditions
  • Be alert to heat stress; drink plenty of fluids of any kind except for alcoholic drinks
  • People with asthma and pre-existing respiratory, cardiovascular illnesses or diabetes should be vigilant and follow their pre-prepared action/treatment plan
  • Limit or forego outdoors exercise
  • Seek refuge from the smoke in air-conditioned public buildings or shopping malls
  • Look out for elderly neighbours or other people at risk.

Anyone experiencing adverse health effects from the smoke should consult their medical practitioner about the appropriate management of their health condition.

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