10 May 2016

New app to guide on necessity of CT scans for children and young people

WA Health has partnered with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care to develop DIP 4 Kids, an app to support a reduction in unwarranted exposure to radiation from CT scans for children.

Children are more sensitive to the effects of radiation because their bodies are still developing. It is estimated more than 80,000 CT scans are performed on people under the age of 20 each year in Australia.

The DIP 4 Kids App supports clinicians in evidence-based decisions about imaging options for young people and children, including when to use CT scanning.

The app provides clinicians with assistance in decisions on paediatric CT for over 20 clinical conditions and injuries occurring in children and young people, and provides links to a range of other resources developed by the Commission. It also includes information on the level of radiation used by each imaging type to allow health professionals to consider the best clinical option before referring children and young people for CT scans.

The app was developed by the Commission, in partnership with the WA Health, and is based on the paediatric pathways in the Department’s Diagnostic Imaging Pathways (DIP).

In addition to providing healthcare providers with swift access to clinical resources, the app provides parents, patients and carers with clear information.

The app is free and can be downloaded from the Apple store – DIP 4 Kids or from the Google Store – DIP 4 Kids.