10 June 2019

Research skills training program available for researchers

Are you involved or keen to be involved in health research? Do you need some practical guidance or a refresher in research skills?

If so, then consider the free Research Education Program available from the Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS).

Associate Professor Sue Skull, Deputy Director of the Department of Child Health Research at CAHS said the program offers a range of seminars to support researchers and can help improve overall project quality.

The program also facilitates practical workshops in ethics, governance and data management, as well as forums to brainstorm ideas.

“Our program is now in its sixth year and during this time more than 15,000 staff and students across 155 organisations have accessed our resources,” Associate Professor Skull said. “Our seminars cover 21 topics, all relevant to various aspects of research.”

The sessions are presented at Perth Children’s Hospital and can be accessed through video conferencing, or online via Scopia. They are also recorded and made available online. CAHS is offering the program to researchers outside their own health service to support the development of a highly skilled research workforce.

“This will lead to higher quality, more meaningful research projects with better outcomes and translation,” she said.

“While we created the program to support research across our health service, we are happy to share the program so the benefits extend to the whole health system and wider community.

“Of course, it is also possible that many clinical students and staff will ultimately come to work in WA Health at some point.

“Busy clinical staff need short, easily accessible research skills teaching events in addition to the option of next-level online training or formal university courses.”

Content is suitable for any level of experience and seminars provide a practical overview of each topic. Topics cover the research process from conceiving ideas to knowledge translation and getting results into policy and practice.

For more information, to view the program or to book an upcoming seminar, visit the Research Education Program website (external site).