5 January 2021

Plan to improve access and inclusion for people with disability

The Department of Health is reviewing its Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) 2020–2025 and is calling for comment and feedback on the DAIP’s key strategies. These strategies will set the foundation for building an inclusive organisation over the next 5 years. 

Providing equal access for people with disability to its information, services and facilities is a high priority for the Department of Health. Through the DAIP, the Department of Health will continue to strive to ensure that people with disability in Western Australia can access services in a way that promotes their independence, opportunities and participation in the workplace and community at large.

Seven outcome areas have been identified to support improvements to access and inclusion in relation to services and events, buildings and facilities, information, quality of service, complaints and consultation processes. 

The scope of this consultation relates to the Department of Health’s DAIP only. Each Health Service Provider in Western Australia is required to develop and implement a DAIP. The Department of Health is system manager for the WA health system, providing stewardship, guidance and support to our Health Service Providers who are responsible for service delivery.

Feedback is sought from community members, in particular people with disability, family and friends of people with disability, carers, agencies and service providers. 

Complete the survey now (external site), or request a hard copy or further information via doh.organisationaldevelopment@health.wa.gov.au   

Comments close Saturday, 23 January 2021.