29 March 2021

Role call for WA's research and innovation future

Would you like a role in Western Australia’s health and medical research and innovation future? Then why not put your hand up to review applications for research and innovation funding.

WA’s newly established Future Health Research and Innovation Fund (external site) (FHRI Fund) uses competitive review processes to determine funding recipients and is on the lookout for people who would like to be part of this process.

A genuine interest in health and medical research and innovation is the only prerequisite for registering.

Individuals with lived experience of a health issue are encouraged to nominate as are researchers, innovators, clinicians and policymakers.

The role entails reviewing funding proposals.

When FHRI Fund programs or initiatives are ready to assess applications, registrants deemed best suited to that funding opportunity, would be contacted to confirm their availability to take part in the review process.

They might also be asked to assist the WA Department of Health with panel review processes.

For further information on becoming a reviewer, email the Research and Innovation Office (external site).

To register your interest in becoming a reviewer, go to the FHRI Fund website (external site).

The FHRI Fund was established to create a secure and ongoing source of research and innovation funding for WA’s health and medical research and innovation sector.

The Fund’s aims are to:

  • improve the health and wellbeing of Western Australians
  • ensure sustainability of the health system
  • enhance the prosperity of the State; and
  • advance Western Australia’s standing as a leader in health and medical research and innovation.