17 July 2018

My Health Record opt-out period has begun

My Health Record (MHR) is a secure, online summary of an individual's key health information. The patient, carer or guardian is the owner of the record and will control what goes into it as well as who has access to the information.

In 2018, the MHR is changing from ‘opt-in’ to ‘opt-out’ and by the end of the year every Australian will have a My Health Record unless they choose to ‘opt-out’.

If a patient wishes to opt-out of having a MHR created for them, they will have three months from 16 July until 15 October 2018 to let the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) know of their decision via phone (1800 723 471) or online on the My Health Record website (external site).

This nation-wide initiative is coordinated by the ADHA and which has engaged the WA health system, WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) and clinical peak bodies to assist in his process.

Activities and education sessions are being rolled out across the State to ensure that WA health system staff are prepared.

For more information on My Health Record visit the My Health Record website (external site).