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Researchers Kristen Nowak and Sean Hood

It’s not all in the mind

WA Health researchers are now hopeful that with the help of a patient’s DNA, they may soon be able to take the guesswork out of prescribing these drugs.
Dr Anna Tai

Study to investigate plasma potential in COVID fight

A pilot study that will assess the effectiveness of transfusing active COVID-19 cases with plasma from recovered patients (convalescent plasma) is among 12 local research projects...
illustration of family walking in front of a sunset with the colours of the Aboriginal flag

The journey of health and wellbeing

The Journey of Health and Wellbeing animated video helps to promote understanding of Aboriginal people’s experience from colonisation to the present day.
People exercising in a park whilst practising social distancing

Limited COVID-19 community transmission a good sign for WA

Western Australia is in the fortunate position of having very limited community transmission of COVID-19; far less than many other jurisdictions in the world or Australia.
surgeon trying on a face shield in a doctor's office with biomedical engineers

Venture to help shield WA’s frontline health workers

WA’s frontline health workers now have access to quality, face shields that have been made right here in WA by the WA Health system.