24 April 2015

Princess Margaret Hospital epilepsy treatment a first in Australia

The Princess Margaret Hospital clinical team overseeing the epilepsy trial.
L-R: Neurophysiology technologist Emma Sivwright, consultant neurologist Professor Soumya Ghosh, head of neurology Lakshmi Nagarajan and neurophysiology technologist Linda Palumbo

The neurological team at Perth’s Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) is leading the way by using a new technique to treat the most serious forms of epilepsy.

The hospital's neurologists are using a new, non-invasive, brain stimulation technique to investigate and treat childhood refractory and benign focal epilepsy.

The trial, funded by the PMH Foundation and led by PMH’s Consultant Neurologist Professor Soumya Ghosh, is still in its early stages, but the results are encouraging.

Professor Lakshmi Nagarajan, PMH’s head of neurology, explains more about the trial.