16 January 2019

Treating hepatitis C

A new video aims to raise awareness of revolutionary new hepatitis C treatments.

Hepatitis C is a notifiable infectious disease, which, if left untreated, can cause liver inflammation, scarring and cancer. In March 2016, effective treatments for hepatitis C were listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, available on prescription from community GPs, as well as specialists and authorised practitioners.

Australia now has the opportunity to eliminate hepatitis C as a public health threat, via the affordable and effective new treatments.

The direct-acting antiviral (DAA) treatments listed under the PBS are highly effective (curing more than 95 per cent of cases), have little to no side effects, require a much shorter treatment duration (8 to 12 weeks), can be accessed by anyone diagnosed with hepatitis C, and are taken orally via a simple one tablet a day regimen.

The video provides important information about hepatitis C diagnosis, and how to access this ground-breaking medication. The video is suitable for all people diagnosed with hepatitis C, and for health professionals working with people affected by hepatitis C.

The video was commissioned by the Sexual Health and Blood-borne Virus Program, and produced by HepatitisWA with guidance from Aboriginal community members and health service providers. This video follows a similar resource developed in 2018, detailing the management of HIV.