17 April 2018

WA's first youth health policy launched

Young Western Australians have asked for a more holistic concept of health and wellbeing to be considered in the planning of health services – taking into account physical, mental, emotional and social needs.

Launch of WA Youth Policy 2018-2023
Child and Youth Health Network co-leads Dr Helen Wright and Dr Alide Smit, WA Youth Health Policy Working Group Member Grace Mills, and Ministerial Youth Advisory Group Member Kai Schweizer.

These priorities are reflected in WA Youth Health Policy 2018–2023, Western Australia’s first policy on youth health, which was launched yesterday.

More than 120 young Western Australians aged 13 to 24 years were consulted on their views about youth health and wellbeing in the development of the Policy, which aims to drive equitable, effective and coordinated health services for young people.

The Policy also drew from the WA Commissioner for Children and Young People project, which consulted 1,000 young Western Australians from diverse backgrounds about their experiences with our health services.

Learn more about the WA Youth Health Policy 2018–2022 (PDF 14.9KB) and the Companion Resource (PDF 3.7KB).