WA public hospital hand hygiene compliance (By Moment)

Graph: WA public hospital hand hygiene compliance

Western Australian Public Hospital Hand Hygiene Compliance

Table: Hand Hygiene Compliance By Moment

Audit 2 2021

WA public hospital compliance
Moment 1 Moment 2 Moment 3 Moment 4 Moment 5
83% 89% 90% 89% 81%
Correct moments 6217 1711 2215 7874 5151
Total moments 7524 1926 2452 8809 6347

What do these figures show?

What do these figures show? 

The average hand hygiene compliance by WA healthcare workers by moment. Five moments for hand hygiene have been identified as the critical times when hand hygiene should be performed (external site).

The most recent audit period is Audit 2 2021 (April - June 2021). 

In Audit 2 2021, WA healthcare workers were observed to perform hand hygiene more often after they touched a patient than before touching a patient. They were observed to perform hygiene less often after touching a patient’s surroundings. This trend is similar to national data and what is observed in other hospitals around the world (data not shown). 

Poster showing the five moments for hand hygiene – before touching a patient, before a procedure, after a procedure or body fluid exposure risk, after touching a patient, and after touching a patient's surroundings

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