Outcome Based Management Policy

The Outcome Based Management (OBM) Framework is the performance management framework for State Government agencies. The OBM Framework allows the State Government to measure the success of funded services to deliver desired outcomes.

To ensure the integrity of the OBM Framework across the WA health system the OBM Policy Framework and the OBM Policy have been established in accordance with the Health Services Act 2016. Health Service Providers are required to report all OBM KPI data in accordance with the OBM KPI data definitions. 

Supporting Information

OBM Policy Information Compendium

This document provides context and background information to support the OBM Policy.

OBM KPI Data Quality Statements 

The OBM KPI Data Quality Statements provide data quality information for each OBM KPI.

System Performance Indicator Information Compendium

This document outlines the process for the development of system performance indicators for the WA health system.