Cervical Screening Registry (CSR) of Western Australia

The Cervical Screening Registry (CSR) of WA compiles and maintains the Cervical Screening Register – a central confidential database of Pap smear and other cervical screening test results, including cervical biopsy and human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA test results, from women screened in WA. The CSR has been operational since late 1994 and has produced statistical reports since 1996.

The 2013 Statistical Report is the 13th annual statistical report published by the CSR. Any slight variation from previous statistical reports in the proportion of women screened is due to population adjustments, system enhancements and standardisation of reporting parameters i.e. exclusion of women who appear to have had a hysterectomy.

To access earlier reports that are not listed below, please email the WA Cervical Cancer Prevention Program.