Number of admissions from the elective surgery wait list

Number of admissions from the elective surgery wait list
Year Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Total
Curr 1 7,981 5,906 5,528 7,185 7,113 6,434 7,836 6,472 7,514 7,918 6,733 7,900 84,520
Prev 2 7,990 6,460 5,321 7,302 7,912 6,603 8,252 7,421 7,679 8,187 6,963 7,883 87,973
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Number of admissions from the elective surgery wait list by hospital and specialty

For the purposes of this report, patients are referred to as cases. This is because a patient may be on an elective surgery waiting list for more than one procedure. For example, if a patient is on a waiting list twice, for two different procedures, this will be counted as two cases.

Admissions to hospital from the elective surgery wait list
All elective surgery admissions are reported. Admitted coded cases are excluded where the wait listed procedure does not meet the AIHW definition of elective surgery. Admitted uncoded cases (i.e. where procedure name is not provided) are included if the wait list type is 'Surgical' and the wait list category is 'Elective'.

Specialty refers to "The area of clinical expertise held by the doctor who will perform the elective surgery". (Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Elective surgery waiting list episode - surgical specialty definition ( For Bariatric surgery, these cases are identified by the wait listed procedure rather than the clinician specialty.

WA Elective Surgery Wait List Data Collection, Information and System Performance Directorate, Department of Health WA.
Data extracted 1 Nov 2018