WA Health Clinical Services Framework 2014-2024

The WA Health Clinical Services Framework 2014-2024 (CSF 2014) (PDF 2.32MB) is the third high-level service framework to be produced by WA Health and continues to provide a foundation for the whole health system in planning to meet the demand for health services given changing service capabilities and evolving models of care. It remains a reference point for determining requirements in workforce and infrastructure and for integrating new technology. The CSF 2014 provides a clear picture for what and how clinical services at each Health Service and health site (hospital or community) should develop over time to achieve better access to safe and quality care with minimum duplication and best use of available resources.

The CSF is completely refreshed at intervals of approximately 5 years (Clinical Services Framework 2005-2015 (PDF 1.63MB) and Clinical Services Framework 2010-2020 (PDF 488KB)) . This latest (third) iteration covers the 10 year period 2014/15-2024/25.  It responds to a greater than anticipated growth in the volume of demand for services, a change in the economic environment and recent and imminent adjustments to the configuration of services, including the opening of new facilities.

In the CSF 2014, the scope has been expanded to include:

  • all country hospitals
  • non-admitted outpatient services
  • some private hospital providers
  • a community and integrated services matrix
  • additional and updated service definitions.

In contrast to previous iterations of this service framework, CSF 2014 is more explicit in acknowledging the importance of disease prevention and control measures and providing care in the most appropriate place in any forward planning. To reflect the increasing importance of non-hospital services provided in the community, a major revision and expansion of the previous Non-Hospital Matrix has resulted in the inclusion of a Community and Integrated Services Matrix. In this suite of services as in all services provided in hospital, the CSF 2014 configuration continues to be underpinned by considerations of safety and quality in responding to the significant growth in demand.

WA Clinical Services Framework 2014-2024 Update

The Clinical Support Directorate is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the CSF-2014 and reporting progress to the Clinical Services Framework – Steering Committee (CSF-SC).

Health Service Providers were recently required to review the Hospital Services Matrix and report on the progress of inpatient/outpatient clinical specialties against projected levels for 2018/2019.

During this process Health Services Providers identified a number of corrections and changes were required to reflect:

  • Governance reform, including the formation of the East Metropolitan Health Service.
  • Service reconfiguration across the system.
  • Reporting and transposition errors during CSF-2014 development.

The Minister for Health has endorsed the corrections and changes to hospital services role delineations. The following links provide access to updated versions of the CSF-2014 Hospital Services Matrix:

Note: The CSF-2014 matrix update does not include mental health hospital services corrections and changes. These will be available December 2017.

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