Western Australian Strategic Plan for Safety and Quality in Health Care – Placing Patients First

The Strategic Plan outlines a shared vision for enhancing and promoting the delivery of consumer focused, safe, and high quality health care in WA over the next 5 years.

The Strategic Plan recognises the wide range of safety and quality initiatives that have been progressed across the WA health system since the first 5-year Strategic Plan was published in 1999. These initiatives provide a strong foundation and underpin the next stage of development and implementation of required actions.

It is important to stress that the WA health system engenders much more than hospitals. Western Australians are increasingly using health services at smaller, community-based facilities and the scope of domiciliary health care is growing. There is also an increasing emphasis on preventative health care interventions.

Safety and quality plays an equally important role in these settings as it does in the acute care setting. This document is therefore relevant at all levels of health services and in any health care situation.

The 2013-2017 edition of the Safety & Quality Strategic Plan will remain current until a new version is released


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Quality Improvement and Change Management Unit