Information Use and Disclosure Policy

Applicable to: This policy applies to, and is binding upon, each Health Service Provider and its staff members. The policy also applies to staff within the Department of Health, as well as Contracted Health Entities where specified in their contractual agreements with the Minister for Health, the Department (on behalf of the State) or a Health Service Provider.

Description: Major amendment to original version, revised version MP 0015/16 v.2.0

The Information Use and Disclosure Policy aims to assist WA Health staff to use and disclose information consistently and in compliance with relevant legislation. Specifically, it aims to define the different types of information collected by WA Health (according to its sensitivity), describe principles for the use and disclosure of personal information; and identify the position(s) permitted to authorise the use and disclosure of information.

Legal requirements

Health Services Act 2016

Date of effect: 01 July 2017 to 01 July 2020

Policy Framework

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