Don't make smokes your story

The National Tobacco Campaign (external site) was developed to support Australian smokers to quit smoking and prevent as many people as possible starting.

The National Tobacco Campaign’s Don’t Make Smokes Your Story campaign aims to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander smokers and their families to quit.

View stories (external site) about people quitting and the reasons why:

Britney – Bunbury, WA

Britney started smoking at 14. After a health scare she knew she had to give up smoking.

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Amanda – Broome, WA

Amanda was a very heavy smoker. She used patches to help her give up smoking.

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Sam – Perth, WA

Sam’s decision to quit helped inspire his dad, a long time smoker, to quit too. They did it for their health and their families.

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Kathleen – Huntingdale, WA

Kathleen smoked for 12 years but gave up as soon as she found out she was pregnant. She didn’t want her baby to be harmed by the toxic chemicals in cigarettes.

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Danielle – Broome, WA

Danielle gave up smoking for her children. She’s proud of her achievement of giving up smoking.

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Dan – Bunbury, WA

Dan started smoking when he was 14. He had a health scare which made him realise he needed to give up smoking.

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