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Actually a berry. Small round fruits found in bunches. Some have seeds and others seedless. Eat fresh, garnish cheese and fruit platters, fruit salads, topping fruit flans and tarts.


  • Thompson Seedless: green (white), sultana grape, sweet and juicy.
  • Waltham Cross: pale, golden green, with large fruit and seeds.
  • Flame Seedless: red, round and firm, crisp in texture and slightly tart in flavour.
  • Ruby Seedless: deep red, tender skin and firm sweet flesh.
  • Cardinal: cherry-red to red-purple in colour, large, round to oval shape, with seeds.
  • Purple Cornichon: purple grape, long oval shape, thick skin and soft fleshy pulp with seeds.
  • Muscat: blue-black in colour, medium sized with a seed. Skin is firm with a soft, juicy, well flavoured pulp.


As grapes do not ripen once removed from the vine only choose ripe, firm grapes in bunches without withered or broken fruit or stickiness.


In a box or container under refrigeration for a short time only. If damp, mould will develop quickly.


Wash just prior to using. To remove seeds for recipes cut in half and flick out with a knife, or use seedless varieties.

Serving suggestion

In hot weather freeze small bunches for refreshing snacks.

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