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Egg-shaped fruit from a vine, hard shiny skin, with sweet tart yellow/orange pulp and small edible seeds. Eat fresh, fruit salad, juice, topping or sauce on desserts.


  • Passiflora edulis: hard, slightly wrinkled, purple outer shell.
  • Passiflora flavicapa: has a yellow outer skin.


Choose heavy fruit, avoid excessive wrinkling or blemished skins.


Store in airtight bags under refrigerator or scoop out the pulp and freeze. Passionfruit at room temperature dehydrate quickly.


Cut in halves and scoop out flesh and seeds with a small spoon. If juice is required, push gently through a sieve, add a little fresh orange juice to extend the volume. Freeze in small containers for convenience.

Serving suggestion

Fill a glass with low-fat natural yoghurt. Top with sliced banana and strawberries. Drizzle passionfruit pulp on top.

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