Vision and guiding principles

Our vision

To improve the health of children and young people experiencing mental health issues.

Our guiding principles

  • Help will be available to infants, children and young people.
  • Those with complex mental health issues will be helped first.
  • A team of staff, with a variety of skills, will be provided that can help with a family’s unique needs.
  • Services that focus on the whole family, with the child at the centre, will be provided by Mental Health in partnership, to meet the individual needs of a family.
  • Services will be empowering and goal-centred.
  • Services that identify and help mental health issues early will be promoted to increase the chances of good mental health outcomes, and to minimise negative mental health outcomes.
  • Children and young people will receive services as close to their own home as possible, in the place which best meet all of their needs.
  • Children and young people, families, and carers will be able give their views about Mental Health services.
  • Services will aim to meet all needs of a family, regardless of their beliefs, race and background.
  • Services are based on what current research says will help families the most, and staff are trained to deliver these services.
  • Unless we believe you are have been harmed, or are at risk of harm, your information will not be shared without talking to you first.
  • We will work with schools to make sure children and young people have the best chance of doing well.

father hugging son both are smiling