Your rights and responsibilities

In addition to aspiring to ensuring that the rights of consumers and carers are met according to the Mental Health Act 2014 Charter of Mental Health Care Principles (external site PDF 4MB), Mental Health have developed a Charter of Rights and Responsibilities. 

The Charter was developed in partnership with children and families who have been treated and cared for by the Child and Adolescent Health Service's Mental Health service.
Your rights


  • access services that support your needs and recovery
  • advice from Mental Health if we believe another service would help you better.


  • be safe from all types of harm
  • receive information about your care, including side effects of any medication
  • receive information about the National Standards that protect you from harm and improve our services
  • receive therapeutic care that keeps you safe in a place where you feel comfortable a second opinion.


  • be treated with respect and dignity
  • develop partnerships with Mental Health that are without discrimination and free from judgement
  • ask to receive care from a staff member of your own gender
  • be acknowledged for your journey throughout recovery.


  • be given information in a language you understand
  • ask questions about your care and have your care explained to you
  • receive information and be given choices about your care and medication
  • receive information about informed consent
  • be heard.


  • participate and be involved in your care and plans towards your recovery
  • access advocacy – someone to help you speak out, express your views and ensure your rights are being met
  • access additional support relevant to your needs and culture.


  • protection of your privacy
  • discuss who will see your health records and information
  • access your own health records and information in accordance with the law.


  • compliment and complain about your care
  • be given information on the correct way to compliment or complain about your care.
Your responsibilities

You have a responsibility to:

  • be respectful towards staff and visitors at Mental Health services
  • give honest information around your health needs including any medication you are currently taking
  • work together with Mental Health by asking any questions you may have
  • tell us any support, religious or cultural needs you may have
  • let us know if you don’t want to follow the care or treatment we have suggested.