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2 young boys, 1 young girl and a male adult having a water fight laughing

CAHS Mental Health are committed to partnering with children and families when we develop; design; implement; deliver and evaluate our services.

Mental Health's commitment to children and families:

  • Children and their families will be involved from the start and at all stages – from planning; implementation; service delivery to evaluation.
  • Executive decision makers are committed to partnering with children and families to improve services.
  • We will ‘close the loop’ when engaging with children and families. This involves informing of the actions we have taken in response to their views, and asking how they feel about the changes that have been made – "You spoke, we listened".
  •  We will learn and improve over time – evaluating successes and missed opportunities.
  • Children and families will be trained and supported throughout their involvement.
  • We will strive to ensure the voice as many children and families as possible are heard –including those who don't usually participate and those from diverse backgrounds.
  • We will explore and develop innovative ways of partnering with consumers and carers, including through digital media.

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