Safety, Quality and Consumer Engagement

East Metropolitan Health Service (EMHS) values safety, quality and consumer engagement across all its hospitals and health services. Safety and Quality teams are based at all hospital sites and at its area office to oversee safe practice standards, risk management and a high level of patient care.

A safe, effective high quality health service is achieved by ensuring our hospitals and services meet the requirements of the 10 National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. These standards were developed by the Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Healthcare and detail the level of care consumers can expect from our health services. Each hospital within EMHS undergoes an assessment every three years to ensure the criteria outlined in each of the standards are being met.

Find out more information about the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards (external link).

Consumer Engagement

The East Metropolitan Health Service aims to provide seamless access to safe, high quality health care through our network of hospitals and health services.

Guiding us to achieve this is direct feedback received from our patients following a stay or visit to one of our hospitals.

We have entered a new era of capturing our patients’ health care experience through the commencement of our first patient experience survey, conducted on our behalf by an independent survey provider.

The randomised, two-year continuous patient experience survey is being implemented throughout the South Metropolitan and East Metropolitan Health Services' hospital network, including Armadale Kalamunda Group, Royal Perth Bentley Group, Fiona Stanley, Rockingham General and Fremantle hospitals. Four surveys are being conducted each year, with feedback sought from Emergency Department and Day Surgery Unit patients, as well as general and mental health inpatients.