Child and Adolescent Health Service Board

The Health Services Act 2016 commenced 1 July 2016 to modernise the public health system, setting out how we govern, structure and manage WA Health to bring decision-making closer to service delivery and patient care.

This involved establishing the Child and Adolescent Health Service (CAHS) as a separate statutory authority, governed by a Board that is legally responsible and accountable for the delivery of safe, high-quality, efficient and economical health services to Western Australian children and adolescents.

The CAHS Board is comprised of nine highly capable and committed professionals with a diverse range of experience across the fields of medicine and health care, finance, law, and community and consumer engagement.

Health Service Boards enable greater local authority and accountability and bring a diverse range of skills and experience to ensure the delivery of safe, high-quality and sustainable health care to our communities.

Board Chair

  • Deborah Karasinski AM

Deputy Board Chair

  • Professor Geoffrey Dobb

Board Members

  • Miriam Bowen
  • Kathleen Bozanic
  • Anne Donaldson
  • Dr Alexius Taylor Julian
  • Dr Daniel McAullay
  • Daniel Morrison
  • Peter Mott
  • Professor Diane Twigg AM
Last reviewed: 24-01-2019
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