South Metropolitan Health Service Board

The Health Services Act 2016 commenced 1 July 2016 to modernise the public health system, setting out how we govern, structure and manage WA Health to bring decision-making closer to service delivery and patient care. 

This involved establishing the South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) as a separate statutory authority, governed by a Board that is legally responsible and accountable for the delivery of safe, high-quality, efficient and economical health services to its local community.

The SMHS Board is comprised of 9 highly capable and committed professionals with a diverse range of experience across the fields of medicine and health care, finance, law, and community and consumer engagement.

Read SMHS Board member profiles and communiques highlighting key discussions and considerations from the Board’s meetings.

Health Service Boards bring a diverse range of skills and experience to ensure the delivery of safe, high-quality and sustainable health care to our communities.

Board Chair

  • Mr Robert McDonald

Deputy Board Chair

  • Adjunct Associate Professor Robyn Collins

Board Members

  • Dr Amanda Boudville
  • Clinical Adjunct Associate Professor Kim Gibson
  • Mr Julian Henderson 
  • Clinical Professor Mark Khangure AM
  • Ms Michelle Manook
  • Ms Yvonne Parnell
  • Mr David Rowe
  • Ms Fiona Stanton

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