WA Open Disclosure Policy

Applicable to: WA Health

OD 0592/15 will be rescinded 5 February 2021. A review indicated the directive duplicates the requirements within other existing mandatory policies. Under the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (version 2), Health Services Providers must have an open disclosure program that is consistent with the Australian Open Disclosure Framework. Refer to your organisations Policy web page (WA Health Staff Only) as required.

Description: WA Health is dedicated and committed to providing safe and high quality health care to all patients. However, despite the best intentions of our highly skilled and committed health professionals occasionally things go wrong. When a patient is harmed in a WA hospital, there is a professional and ethical responsibility on the part of health practitioners to communicate with the patient about the clinical incident that has occurred. Open disclosure describes the way clinicians communicate with and support patients, and their family and carers, who have experienced harm during health care. Open disclosure is a patient right which is anchored in professional ethics, considered good clinical practice, and is part of the care continuum.

WA Open Disclosure Policy

WA Health supports and adopts the procedures outlined in the Australian Open Disclosure Framework (the Framework) published by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care. The Framework is designed to enable health service organisations and clinicians to communicate openly with patients and/or their nominated relatives/carers when health care does not go to plan.

Professor Bryant Stokes

Date of effect: 04 March 2015 to 04 March 2019

Policy Framework

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