Classification Policy for WA Health System Classification Review Committee

Applicable to: This Policy is applicable to all Health Service Providers.

Description: Major amendment to MP 0082/18 v.1.0, revised version MP 0082/18 v.2.0

Key amendments are:

  • Increasing the classification levels that CEs could approve;
  • Maintaining a system wide classification review process but recommendations are referred to the relevant CE rather than the Director General;

Roles and responsibility of the System Manager and HSPs are detailed below:

System Manager
(WA Health System Classification Review Committee)

(HSP Classification Review Committee)

HSO general division positions at level G-11 to G·14 HSO general division positions up to level G-10
HSO professional division positions at level P-6 to P-9 HSO professional division positions up to level P-5
SRN positions at level SRN-5 to SRN-10 SRN positions up to level SRN-4
SRN Nurse Practitioners Support workers
Temporary Special Allowances for classification within the scope of the WA Health System Classification Review Committee. Competency or criteria progressions as provided for by an industrial agreement Including Building and Engineering Trade positions; and Temporary Special Allowances within the scope of delegated authority.
Classification and reclassification of positions or classes of positions which have industry wide flow on implications. Determining the classification and reclassification of positions on recommendation of the WA Health System Classification Review Committee.

Date of effect: 11 April 2018 to 11 April 2023

Policy Framework

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