Outcome Based Management Policy 2019-20

Applicable to: Health Service Providers

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020-21 State Budget has been delayed until 8 October 2020. Consistent with the revised timeframes, MP 0115/19 Outcome Based Management Policy 2019-20 will remain current in 2020-21.


The Outcome Based Management (OBM) Framework is a Department of Treasury mandatory requirement for all State Government Agencies. The OBM Framework describes how outcomes, services and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used to measure WA health system performance. The OBM KPIs measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the services delivered against agreed State Government priorities and desired outcomes. The purpose of the Outcome Based Management Policy is to ensure the integrity of the OBM Framework.


Type of Amendment Date of Effect Description of Amendment
Major Amendment 08 June 2020 Related documents OBM KPI Data Definitions Manual and 2019-20 OBM KPI Data Quality Statements have been added. Related documents have been developed in response to the annual review of OBM KPIs in consultation with data custodians and stakeholders within the Department of Health and Health Service Providers. Updates include changes made to align with current service delivery and minor wording amendments. No changes impact the purpose or intent of the KPIs.
Major Amendment 23 June 2020

Related document OBM KPI Data Definitions Manual has been amended. The following updates relate to KPI 33:

  • The source of Silver Chain activity data has been changed from contract reports to the Non Admitted Patient Activity and Wait list Data Collection, as recommended by the Office of the Auditor General.
  • Bethesda Hospital activity data has been added to KPI 33, as recommended by the Budget Strategy Unit.
  • A data quality statement has been added, following identification of a previously unknown limitation in one service provider’s data.
  • Minor amendments to wording have been made to improve clarity and transparency.
 Major Amendment 26 May 2021 
  • Related document Addendum 1: 2019-20 OBM KPIs and Targets amended to update efficiency KPIs in line with 2020-21 Budget
  • Related document Addendum 2: 2019-20 OBM Service, Sub-Service and Programs amended to remove 23.2 Finance Accounts Receivable Services and corresponding renumbering of remaining Programs.

Date of effect: 01 July 2019

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