SMHS Board Member Fiona Stanton

South Metropolitan Health Service Board Member Ms Fiona Stanton
South Metropolitan Health Service Board Member Fiona Stanton

SMHS Board Member Fiona Stanton is looking to apply her comprehensive legal knowledge to the challenges of public health service delivery.

Fiona’s legal practice encompasses the areas of medical negligence and health practitioner regulation, giving her valuable insight into the concerns of clinicians and the impact on patients and the community of inadequate medical care. Fiona also practices in the area of employment law.

“A key focus for the Board will be ensuring the delivery of safe, high quality care in all of our hospitals,” Fiona said.

“I also want to encourage engagement between the health service and primary health carers to improve efficiency and enhance the quality of care in general practice and community-based health.”

Fiona said there would also be a focus on engagement between executive and operational staff.

“I have been impressed by the professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment of the staff I have met when touring SMHS hospitals,” she said.

“I want SMHS to continue to attract and retain dedicated staff capable of delivering world-class care.

“To achieve this, SMHS needs to maintain a positive and supportive working environment for staff and ensure that excellent service delivery, teaching, training and research are valued and recognised.”