Our vision, values and behaviours at SMHS

Excellent health care, every time

The vision for the South Metropolitan Health Service is excellent health care, every time.

Our ambition is a future where we are the public health service of choice – for our staff, patients and community.

This means we want our patients, their carers and family members to be happy when they are referred to our services for care and treatment.

We want our staff to be happy to come to work; to feel engaged with opportunities to be innovative; and to feel listened to and respected.

We want to be an employer of choice where others wish to join.

In delivering excellent health care, every time, we will be an organisation that:

  • values a culture of safety and quality, and sustainability
  • engages with all staff
  • demonstrates high performance across all areas.

Our values

Many of our staff work across multiple sites. When receiving care and treatment our patients may journey through different parts of our network of hospitals and community-based services.

A unifying set of values and behaviours across the health service builds the same expectations and conduct – for our staff, patients and community. This is essential if SMHS is to deliver our vision of excellent health care, every time.

See our vision and values (PDF 324KB)


We provide compassionate care to the patient, their carer and family. Caring for patients starts with caring for our staff.

We demonstrate care when we:

  • provide an environment that empowers the patient, their carer and family to openly and freely contribute to their care and treatment
  • talk with, listen and respond to the patient, carer and family
  • show empathy and understanding to patients, their carer and family and the situation they are dealing with in a non- judgemental manner
  • focus on the patient and staff experience.

We are accountable for our actions and always act with professionalism.

We demonstrate integrity when we:

  • act honestly, truthfully and transparently
  • are accountable and take responsibility for our actions and decisions
  • recognise when we get it wrong and disclose it as early as possible
  • are consistent, fair and equitable in our interactions and decision making
  • consider how our individual actions and decisions will impact on others and the health service.

We welcome diversity and treat each other with dignity.

We demonstrate respect when we:

  • embrace cultural and professional diversity in our interactions and decisions
  • acknowledge and appreciate the service and care being delivered
  • appreciate the opinions, contribution, experience and knowledge of all staff
  • communicate with honesty and openness, share information and are responsive with feedback
  • listen to different points of view and incorporate when and where appropriate, and provide feedback when we cannot.

We embrace opportunities to learn and continuously improve.

We demonstrate excellence when we:

  • give our absolute best as individuals and teams in everything we do
  • support opportunities for teaching, training, research and innovation
  • actively seek new ideas and approaches and share them across the service
  • accept challenges and work proactively to deliver improvements
  • consistently meet safety and quality standards
  • make effective and efficient use of available resources.

We recognise the importance of teams and together work collaboratively and in partnership.

We demonstrate teamwork when we:

  • work across boundaries to develop relationships, partnerships and share information
  • listen to the views of others to reach agreement
  • are aware of our own individual behaviour and how it impacts on others
  • communicate clearly and respectfully with each other
  • support and encourage others to develop knowledge, skills and behaviours
  • actively participate and seek information on our health service and its performance.