Fiona Wood Public Lecture Series

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Tap into the expert knowledge of leading health professionals and learn about health topics relevant to you and your family at the free Fiona Wood Public Lecture Series.

Presented by South Metropolitan Health Service, this free lecture series honours eminent Western Australian surgeon and researcher Professor Fiona Wood AM, renowned for her ground-breaking work in the treatment of burns.

The Fiona Wood Public Lecture Series provides an opportunity for you to hear firsthand about a range of health topics, from ageing and cancer to mental health and recovering from injury. Lectures will be presented by leading healthcare professionals

The power of nutrition in health and recovery

Louise Hesketh and Emily Hunt standing in front of fridge full of fruit and vegetable

With new and sometimes conflicting nutritional advice bombarding us on a daily basis, choosing the best diet for your needs and lifestyle – and sticking to it – can feel near impossible. Learn about the steps dietitians take when choosing a diet plan for their patients, and get an evidence-based update of some of the recent hot topics in nutrition.

Join senior Fiona Stanley Hospital dietitians, Emily Hunt and Louise Hesketh, as they explore just how powerful the right nutrition is in disease prevention, management and general health and wellbeing.

Emily Hunt is a senior dietitian specialising in gastroenterology and colorectal surgery. Emily has worked as a dietitian in clinical and community settings in Alice Springs, Adelaide and Western Australia.

Louise Hesketh is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Senior Dietitian working in the areas of lung disease, cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery. She has covered a wide range of clinical specialties within dietetics, with significant experience in intensive care nutrition. Louise believes in setting achievable nutrition goals with patients and understands the complexities of life which influence our diet choices.

Event details

6.00pm - 7.00pm, Tuesday 19 November
G1 Lecture Theatre, Education Building, Fiona Stanley Hospital – view the Fiona Stanley Hospital map (external site)

Pay parking available onsite. Booking are essential – make your booking now (external site).

Listen to previous lectures

Understanding diabetes from all angles


  • Dr Ashley Makepeace, Clinical Endocrinologist
  • Professor Bu Yeap, Endocrinologist Researcher
  • Kylie Connor, Diabetes Educator
  • Cathy Latino, Dietitian

Read the transcript for the lecture 'Understanding diabetes from all angles' (PDF 195KB).

The dilemma of delirium and dementia

Consultant Geriatrician Dr Hannah Seymour and Specialist Aged Care Nurse Unit Manager Anthea Crawford

Read the transcript for the lecture 'Making a difference in the dilemma of dementia and delirium' (PDF 199KB).

Gut health

Dr Oliver Waters: Gut health – are we still groping in the dark?

Read the transcript for the Gut Health lecture (PDF 188KB)

Demystifying mental health

Anthony Collier and Steve Batson: Demystifying mental health: causes, treatment and recovery

Read the transcript for the Demystifying mental health lecture (180KB)

Have a heart for your heart
Motivation – the secret ingredient in health

Professor Fiona Wood: Motivation – the secret ingredient in health

Listen to the podcast of Professor Wood's lecture (external site) or read the podcast transcript (PDF 117KB).

Demystifying mental health: causes, treatment and recovery