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Our Health Stories podcasts were produced in partnership with our friends at Murdoch University.

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Suanne MacConnell – Surgical Registrar, Fiona Stanley Hospital

A woman wearing surgical scrubs stands in a hallway

Suanne subscribes to the philosophy that medicine is an art as well as a science. The love of human interaction and the satisfaction of making people better is what helps Suanne get through the long hours her job demands. She has a passion for surgery and patient care but, as a female doctor and surgeon, she still faces unconscious bias every day.

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Dr Stephen Fenner – Head of Psychiatry, Fiona Stanley Hospital

A man stands in front of a fence in a garden

Seeing mental health done ‘badly’ is what motivated Dr Stephen Fenner to pursue a career in psychiatry. As Head of Psychiatry at Fiona Stanley Hospital, Stephen is passionate about making a difference in the lives of people with mental illness. He’s also excited for the future as our understanding of the biology of the brain grows, opening up new paths to treatment and recovery.

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Dr Rory Trawber – Neonatologist, Fiona Stanley Hospital

A female nurse sits in a garden

As a neonatologist at Fiona Stanley Hospital, Dr Rory Trawber cares for the very smallest of babies in their first weeks of life. As well as helping babies and parents through this critical time, Rory also has a passion for simulation training to ensure nurses and doctors are ready to face medical emergencies.  Originally from the UK, Rory says his career is the result of luck rather than good management.

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Clare Fazackerley – Nurse Practitioner, Fiona Stanley Hospital

A female nurse sits in a garden

Clare Fazackerley understands a heart transplant isn’t a cure, but rather a gift of time for people with advanced heart failure. As a nurse practitioner for the Western Australian Heart Transplant Service based at Fiona Stanley, Clare walks beside heart transplant recipients and their families through what can be an unpredictable journey. 

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Anne Watts – Nurse Unit Manager, Spinal Unit, State Rehabilitation Service

A female nurse sits in a garden

Anne knows just about every person who has had a spinal cord injury in Western Australia over the past 30 years. Anne tells us the profound impact a spinal injury can have and how more people are getting to walk out of her spinal unit than ever before. 

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Clive Batchelor – Mental Health Nurse, Fremantle Hospital

A man sits on steps leading to a verandah

Clive leads a residential mental health service, which provides respite for people experiencing a decline in their mental state. Hear how he helps people move from a low place of being lonely, tormented by thoughts and the stresses of life, to a better place with more options and opportunities.

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Kinglsey Purvis – Home Care Carpenter, Day Therapy Unit, Rockingham Peel Group

A man stands beside a car leaning on the the open car door.

After a long career with the Royal Australia Air Force, it was quite a career change when Kinsgley Purvis joined Rockingham Peel Group as a home care carpenter. For Kingsley, working in health was a long way from the air force life, but his experiences have helped him to find common ground with patients.

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Joanne Hughes – Nurse Manager, Rockingham General Hospital's Aged Care Rehabilitation Unit

A female nurse stands inside a foyer area.

From her earliest experience in caring for older people, Joanne Hughes knew aged care nursing was the career for her. 

As the nurse manager of Rockingham General Hospital's Aged Care Rehabilitation Unit, Joanne says it is the little things that can be life-changing for her elderly and vulnerable patients. 

Joanne shares her passion for providing the very best of care for her patients, where there's no room for error because of the life possible consequences.

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